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Politicians in Rajasthan speak about the growing trend in Indian newspapers to offer politicians favorable coverage for money. “A local paper offered me a package,” said a Rajasthan lawmaker. If he paid the amount of money that particular newspaper was demanding, he would get favorable coverage. If he declined to pay, the newspaper would slander him in its pages.

Vinay Sitapati, The New York Times. Hindi Paper Finds Success Going Hyperlocal.

FJP: Sketchy business model of its competitors aside, this is a fascinating profile of the Patrika newspaper group in India.

Rajasthan Patrika, which is printed in 33 main and 250 local editions has a readership of 14.6 million steadily grown since 1956 when its founder started the paper with a $8.30 loan. Yes, eight dollars and 30 cents.

Its growth has been attributed, in part, to focusing on the hyperlocal and going where other publishers have no reporters.

Rajasthan Patrika has not been accused of participating in the pay scheme indicated in the quote above.

(via futurejournalismproject)
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